Join Us to Support Texas Families and Alabama Amazon Workers

This week millions of Texans have been freezing in their homes in the wake of a winter storm that knocked out the state’s defunded and deregulated power grid. Stories from Texas resemble the kinds of catastrophic infrastructure failures you would expect to hear about after a natural disaster or a civil war in a poor developing nation.

The water is undrinkable and refrigerated food has spoiled. Sewage systems are breaking down and grocery stores are bare. Hospitals are using bags and rainwater for toilets. Local authorities are commissioning refrigerated trucks to pick up frozen bodies in homes and on the streets. In the blackout-stricken suburbs of Houston, families are burning furniture and sleeping in cars in the glow of empty but still fully-lit corporate skyscrapers. The state’s Republican leadership blamed the outages on “frozen windmills” and Sen. Ted Cruz flew off to a resort in Cancun.  

They may have abandoned their constituents, but the People’s Party stands ready to help struggling people in Texas and the courageous Amazon workers in Alabama who are fighting for a union, and whom we are proud to say you overwhelmingly voted to endorse this week.

Please split a contribution between the Houston Food Bank, one of the largest and oldest food banks in America, which is providing emergency food assistance to shelters across Texas, and the Southern Workers Assembly, which is leading an organizing campaign to support unionizing Amazon workers. Let’s show them what our movement is all about and support Texas families and Alabama Amazon workers.

Everything you donate this weekend will be given to the Houston Food Bank and Southern Workers Assembly. Make your donation through the end of the day on Sunday Eastern Time to support their mutual aid and organizing. You can also visit their websites, learn more, and donate directly to the Houston Food Bank here and the Southern Workers Assembly here.

Texas is a symbol of the failed state that America has become.

A nation with perhaps the worst response to the pandemic in the developed world. With four percent of the world’s people but a quarter of its coronavirus cases and deaths. Where tens of millions who were already living paycheck to paycheck without savings found themselves out of a job and health care. Where tens of millions more don’t have enough food to eat and face eviction and foreclosure the moment moratoriums are lifted.

The corporate parties are incapable of handling a crisis in America. They are incapable of governing at all. They only have one move, exploit disaster to transfer more wealth to Wall Street. While millions suffer, billionaires and CEOs have never had it better, padding their already-obscene fortunes with more than a trillion dollars in new wealth over the last year, siphoned from working people when they needed it most.

If you and loved ones are in Texas and need mutual aid, please know that help is out there. Use and share this mutual aid resource for emergency food and warmth. Si necesitas ayuda en español puedes encontrarla aquí.

If you can, head out tomorrow, Saturday, February 20, and join one of more than 40 actions across the country in the Southern Workers Assembly’s National Day of Solidarity with unionizing Amazon workers.