The DNC steals Bernie’s win in Iowa

Des Moines Precinct 61. Photo by Phil Roeder.

One thing is clear after the Iowa caucus: the DNC will go to any lengths to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders and we have to be ready for it.

For the past three years MPP has been one of the only voices warning that the Democratic Party will block Bernie or any real progressive regardless of how shockingly illegitimate it makes the primary.

We warned of the “Shadow” app and then it was used to give Buttigieg a false win in Iowa. We warned that the DNC could force a second ballot at the convention or bring superdelegates back on the first round, and on Friday Politico reported that DNC members are conspiring to do that. We warned that the Democratic Party would eliminate the caucuses, where Bernie got most of his state wins in 2016, and they have removed most. We warned that the DNC is setting up a contested convention where the corporate Democrats pool their delegates against Bernie, and now it has been widely reported that the DNC and campaigns see it coming too.

Make no mistake, there is going to be a showdown at the convention and we are making plans to be there. As Lee Camp predicted this week and we’ve been saying since the DNC Loyalty Oath was introduced, the Democrats will go as far as inventing a scandal to justify decertifying Bernie as a Democrat and disqualifying him entirely. If Bernie wins he would start cleaning house of the corporate lobbyists and consultants who sit on the DNC. Their own positions of power and privilege hinge on Bernie losing, which is why they would rather throw the election to Trump than see Bernie win.

The convention in Milwaukee can be a massive and historic turning point to a people’s party. We are making big plans to hold our own events that will put a people’s party in sharp contrast to the Democrats and embrace the outpouring of Bernie delegates and progressives when the DNC steals the nomination. We are setting our sights on the win but we need your help to pull it off. Please contribute to make the convention the defining moment that marks the creation of a major new party.

The corporate media claims the caucus meltdown was the result of incompetence. Democratic Party leaders admit that the new “Shadow” app that was used to report results wasn’t even tested by the precinct captains charged with reporting results.

Moreover, it appears that the DNC didn’t get the results they wanted — a clear establishment win — and are up to their old tricks. The writing was on the wall over the weekend when the Des Moines Register poll was not released reportedly because Buttigieg’s name did not appear on a single person’s list of candidates. Then Lee Fang of The Intercept took to Twitter early this morning with FEC data showing that the app developer, a new outfit called Shadow, was paid by both the Nevada & Iowa Democratic parties — and Mayor Pete’s campaign. Curiously, Buttigieg was the only candidate who declared victory to his supporters in Iowa last night.

Throwing the entire process into chaos gives Carolyn Kennedy-endorsed candidate Joe Biden breathing room until next Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire. It also gives the DNC cover to permanently rid the party of caucuses, which in 2016 gave an edge to Sanders over primaries. From the sidelines lurks billionaire Michael Bloomberg as he prepares to be the party’s savior when he enters his first primaries March 3 on delegate-rich Super Tuesday. He has already spent $200 million of his $54 billion fortune on trying to buy the nomination, mostly through television ads.

For those of us who poured hours of time and money into Bernie’s 2016 campaign, there’s that sick feeling that we are right back where we started, where we knew we would be. The kerfuffle over Iowa doesn’t change the methods by which the DNC and its willing co-conspirators in the media are once again going to great lengths to ensure that an establishment candidate becomes the Democratic nominee, despite the majority of polls showing that Sanders is the only one who can beat Trump in a head to head matchup.

2020 was supposed to be different, many said. Berners everywhere were determined to follow their leader and leave 2016 in the rearview mirror. That is not happening, as we predicted over three years ago and have been restating ever since.

In its most dramatic concession to progressives, the DNC pretended to reduce the influence of superdelegates by moving them from the first to the second round of voting at the nominating convention. This maneuver preserves the right of the 700-plus superdelegates to vote as part of a brokered convention if, as expected, Bernie is not the nominee after the first ballot. In a repeat of 2016, they would not have to vote for Sanders even if he won a majority of pledged delegates in their state’s caucus or primary.

But the DNC seems undeterred by the upheaval that this kind of manipulation would create as they publicly profess to unite behind the candidate that offers the best chance of beating Trump in November’s general election. In a move predicted by virtually no one but MPP, DNC operatives are now trying to amend the rules to let superdelegates to vote on the first ballot at the convention again. Hillary Clinton, while insisting that Bernie and his supporters profess undying loyalty to the Democratic Party, announced that she isn’t sure she could support Sanders as the nominee.

As we have said since November 2016, the Democrats would rather lose to Trump than to see a progressive in the White House. Join us as we continue to lay the groundwork for a party that will work for you, for us, beyond this November.

In a further effort to tip the scales, DNC Chair Tom Perez has appointed an array of establishment elites to the party’s convention committee, including Wall Street bankers, corporate lobbyists, regime change operatives and free-trade zealots.

Last week the DNC announced it was relaxing its own debate rules to make room for Bloomberg in the next debate. This comes after months of strict adherence to debate rules to undermine the candidacies of any perceived progressive even though nearly half of Democratic voters remain undecided in many key states.

The party of FDR long ago began its slide into moral bankruptcy. From NAFTA to the bank bailouts, from the perpetual war in Afghanistan to regime change in countries the world over, from the crime bill to fossil fuel handouts, the neoliberal party now openly conspires with the mainstream media to discredit, rig and finish off the progressive wave that Sanders energized in 2016.

We need a fundamental restructuring of our political economy, our government and our electoral system. It’s bigger than Bernie. It’s about a legitimate democracy with fair and transparent elections. To achieve this, we need a people’s party.

With heart,

Nick Brana
Founder and National Director

Carol Ehrle
Political Director

Spanish English