Tomorrow we strike, Monday we Shut Down DC

During the week of September 20-27, we are taking collective action with millions of people around the globe to stop the climate crisis. Youth have called for adults to join them in the streets in escalated action against the fossil fuel companies, the banks that fund them and the governments that are marching humanity to extinction.

Tomorrow, September 20, join us as people of all ages across the U.S and the world walk out of their jobs, classes and homes to demand transformative climate action.

With IPCC scientists saying we have just 10 years to prevent climate collapse, we must follow young people and act now. Click here to join the youth climate strike in your town or city.

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Then on September 23, we will bring traffic and business as usual to a standstill in the nation’s capital while countries deliberate the fate of the world at the UN Climate Action Summit in NYC. A broad coalition of climate and social justice groups including MPP, Extinction Rebellion, Codepink, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Black Lives Matter, Friends of the Earth Action, Sunrise Movement and Labor Network for Sustainability will Shut Down DC.

Over a thousand people will blockade more than a dozen key intersections to demand immediate action. Naomi Klein and Rev. Lennox Yearwood led the mobilization meeting last night and NBC interviewed Nick and Klein. The Shut Down has already been covered extensively including by the New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, and Nick’s interview with Jimmy Dore. Businesses are asking their employees to work from home as the action takes off.

Shut Down DC is kicking off an international wave of citywide shut downs in London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Dublin, Vienna, Prague, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, New Zealand and Australian state capitals, all of which will shut down two weeks later on October 7.

We need as many people as possible in Washington DC to launch and galvanize the international rebellion. Click here to join Nick in DC and meet us at McPherson Square at 7 am this Monday. You can find a calendar full of events before the shut down too.

Join MPP in supporting our nation’s teens and young people, who grew up with a climate crisis that they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. I’ll be with Extinction Rebellion in San Jose tomorrow for those in the Bay Area. Reply to this email to join me at the Youth Climate Strike.

If you’ve been waiting for your moment to act, this is it.

In Solidarity,

Carol Ehrle
Political Director
Movement for a People’s Party

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