Trump Supporters Invade the Capitol Building

January 7, 2021


Carol Ehrle | | (248) 808-4200
MPP Media |


Washington, D.C. — Trump is to blame for today’s mayhem at the Capitol, but the corporate duopoly is to blame for the rise of Trump. Over the past 40 years, both parties have put their corporate donors over the basic needs of the people and this has created a political vacuum where neofascism thrives.

Four years of Biden and Harris’ neoliberalism will worsen the conditions that produced Trump. With the presidency and majorities in both houses of Congress, the public will hold Democrats fully responsible for the economic, social, and environmental suffering they endure under the status quo. Democrats will lose Congress in 2022 and a more capable Republican authoritarian will take the presidency in 2024. Only the People’s Party, grounded in overwhelmingly popular progressive policies, can offer an alternative to both parties and avert authoritarianism.


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