Volunteer for the people’s convention


crowd by Jade Masri Milwaukee by Wei Zeng CONVENTION PEOPLE'S get involved! milwaukee july 2020

The Movement for a People’s Party is going to Milwaukee! Join us at the People’s Convention from July 13-16. While the Democrats break their own rules and trash the idea of democracy to nominate an establishment candidate at the DNC Convention, we’ll bring people from all walks of life together next door to launch America’s next major party, the People’s Party!

When Team A and Team B are really 2 sides of #TeamOligarch we need a mass second party that serves US, the hard-working, regular people of America.

The People’s Convention is an ambitious plan for a historic moment and we will need all hands on deck to make the event as effective and spectacular as can be. Please RSVP to the event and sign up to volunteer for the People’s Convention planning working groups by selecting which groups below you’d like to help. 

* Dates may change as all arrangements are finalized.