MPP Plans Action to Demand a People’s Stimulus

Our government’s response to coronavirus has been appallingly corrupt.

In a recent interview, Dr. Fauci admitted that he and the government knowingly endangered millions of people and accelerated the pandemic by telling the public not to wear masks in the early exponential phase of the virus. After failing to stock up despite months of advance warning, they wanted to save masks for health professionals. But instead of telling us that masks are effective and can be homemade, they lied to us for weeks before reversing their instructions. This is a health scandal of enormous proportions yet the corporate media won’t touch it.

Our government’s response to coronavirus has been appallingly corrupt. We must take action and demand that the final stimulus bill in July be a People’s Stimulus.

That’s why on Saturday, July 11 we will hold honking car parades and march to the homes of our members of Congress to deliver our emergency demands. We will rally outside their homes and share stories of how the pandemic and systemic racism have affected our lives. We will call them outside to commit to the #PeoplesStimulus. Click here to join the action or help organize at your member of Congress’ house.

Actions at Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s house just helped protesters divert $133 million from the police budget back to the community. Protests at FCC Chair Tom Wheeler’s house helped extend net neutrality in 2014.

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The Democrats and Republicans in Congress unanimously passed the CARES Act and its unprecedented Wall Street bailout and decimation of working people and small business. Their response turned a pandemic into a depression.

If they cannot bring themselves to guarantee health care, housing, a basic income, and freedom from police brutality and crushing debt in the middle of this global pandemic, economic meltdown, and nationwide uprising, then they will never pass them. 

If you’re organizing, we’ll connect you with other organizers and your action will go on our events map, where we’ll share it with tens of thousands of people. We will also share your member of Congress’ address so that you can start your march or honking car parade nearby. Share our Facebook event with hundreds of people at a time by clicking share, invite friends, and select all.
With heart,

Nick Brana
National Coordinator
Movement for a People’s Party

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