Recap of a Weekend Full of Medicare for All Rallies

“We’re losing hope that you represent us,” is the headline that captured the sentiment at Monday’s action at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office.

Susan Sarandon was among the activists who joined the People’s Party and March for Medicare for All organizers to send a message to AOC, the Squad, and other representatives who campaigned on promises to pass Medicare for All. We can’t wait and incrementalism isn’t enough.

The rally sparked national coverage from outlets such as Status Coup, Yahoo News, Salon, Raw Story, Fox, Daily Mail and The Independent. AOC closed her office for the day rather than meeting with Medicare for all activists and constituents, a far cry from the representative who occupied Pelosi’s office to demand climate action less than three years ago.

AOC and the Squad were elected on the premise that they were activists and organizers. Bernie even campaigned to be the “Organizer in Chief.” The People’s Party and March for Medicare for All are calling on them to use their millions of followers to stand with those protesting. Thousands came out to the marches and the Squad could have brought out tens of thousands more.

Use your social media to mobilize. Stand with those protesting. Leverage your votes in Congress. Use EVERY possible tool in Congress to actually bring Medicare for All to the floor and pass it. AND, call on President Biden to use Section 1881A of the Social Security Act to declare a pandemic public health emergency and extend Medicare to every American by executive action.

Contribute $20 today and help the People’s Party continue to hold direct actions as we grow our state hubs and build a major new party nationwide while pushing for issues that deeply impact us everyday. 

On Saturday, tens of thousands across the country marched, spoke, and showed up for the March for Medicare for All. There were marches in more than 50 cities across the country and as allies, People’s Party volunteers were out in full force to help make it happen and rally for single-payer healthcare now!


Despite a national outcry for Medicare for All, the mainstream media refused to cover the march and not a single representative in the House or Senate promoted or spoke at the event. Where are all of these Democrats who campaigned on Medicare for All and co-sponsored the bill when it comes time to act?

Saturday and Monday’s actions highlight why our work is so important. A third of all Covid deaths in our country are tied to a lack of health insurance. That means that 200,000 daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, would still be with us today if our country guaranteed health care — like every other rich country in the world.

Democrats have claimed to support Medicare for All for decades. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and almost every Democrat who ran for president in 2020 claimed to support it, only to abandon it later. Even Bernie Sanders has refused to reintroduce Medicare for All in the Senate. Just yesterday he gave an interview on Breaking Points defending Biden’s lack of action on progressive policies.

Healthcare is a human right and the majority of Americans support it. So many of our representatives ran on the promise of single-payer healthcare only to move the goal post once in office. The Democratic party has full majorities in Washington, and we are seeing first-hand how corporate pressures leave us with incremental actions. At the same time, our representatives have closed their DC House and Senate offices to constituents, making themselves more inaccessible than ever. We must build a major new party free of corporate money.  

Emma, not only are we building a party across 50 states, but we will continue to support local, state and national actions that will not only build the People’s Party, but help inform communities. A contribution of $20 will help us to build out the infrastructure we need to keep pushing forward.

The People’s Party will hold our future representatives accountable. We’ll work to elect NEW representation to a NEW party that isn’t bound to the rules of the old guard. That won’t bend to corporate pressure. And that is focused on immediate, not incremental change.