We’re looking for a new kind of representation!

The People’s Party is looking for our first slate of candidates to run in the 2022 elections! We’re aiming to run a dozen or more federal races, including a seat or two in the U.S. Senate. That’s why we have opened up our applications for nominations.

The People’s Party is seeking future representatives with strong ties to their communities, who will fight for the voices of their constituents and work hard to make change at the congressional level. This first wave of campaigns will help us to lay the foundation and build out national and local infrastructure to support races for seats at every level of government.

We’ll be building a diverse slate by recruiting and supporting more women and people of color and are seeking candidates who have been making real change on the ground — organizers, activists and changemakers.

Our future representatives will be a new kind of representation. Unlike other parties, the People’s Party will hold those who win their seats to the party’s values, principles and platform.

Help us by nominating someone you think would be a great leader. Or, if you want to run for office yourself, fill out our application today. 

Right now, we are building the infrastructure to support our candidates by providing training, growing our state parties, onboarding hundreds of volunteers, and helping to build strong grassroots campaigns from the jump. 

Can you contribute a monthly donation of $10 today to help us build out our infrastructure to support our first round of campaigns?

For far too long our seats of government have been occupied by the wealthy elite and out-of-touch career politicians. We can help to end this corruption by electing this first generation of People’s Party representatives. Together, we can dismantle the gridlock that has kept us from real progress for generations. Let’s get to work!