Youth revolt against climate catastrophe, endorse a people’s party

With a million species facing extinction, food chains and ecosystems collapsing, and 143 million people poised to become climate refugees in the greatest refugee crisis the world has ever seen, the race against climate catastrophe is the struggle that defines a generation.

With storms intensifying, a third of the world’s arable land lost to desertification and pollution, island nations disappearing beneath the waves, and only 11 years to avert the most disastrous global heating, Generation Z and Millennials are leading an epic fight for the future of life on Earth.

On last week’s national call, you felt the urgency and overwhelmingly voted for MPP to partner with youth climate groups like Zero Hour, join the Youth Climate Summit in Miami this July, and endorse a Green New Deal.

Zero Hour is a plaintiff in the youth climate lawsuit, Juliana vs United States, where more than 30,000 people under 25 are suing the U.S. Government for violating their constitutional rights to life and liberty by subsidizing the fossil fuel economy. MPP is an organizational supporter of the lawsuit, which will have its first livestreamed hearing before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit at 2 pm PST on Tuesday, June 4 in Portland, OR. Join our live viewing and tweeting party with #AllEyesOnJuliana #PeoplesPartyNow.

A study by the Carbon Disclosure Project revealed that just 100 corporations are responsible for 71 percent of fossil fuel emissions. And this month, an IMF report exposed that world governments subsidize fossil fuels by more than $5.2 trillion. That’s more than 6 percent of global GDP. 

For the first time, the latest U.N. report sets piecemeal reforms, like a carbon tax, aside and states that we must transcend capitalism itself to halt what has become the sixth mass extinction in our planet’s history. We need to steer “away from the current limited paradigm of economic growth” and switch the goal of society from “making profit to living sustainably,” the report says.

The study’s conclusions echo the preamble to our People’s Platform, where we call for the creation of an American Mission Statement of sustainably maximizing well-being as the goal of society and measure that guides all policy.

That’s why the surging youth climate movement seeks a complete reinvention of our political and economic system. That’s why 71 percent of Americans under 39 want a major new party. That’s why young people support socialism over capitalism. And that’s why we need your support to share our movement for a people’s party with a rising generation. Please chip in to make us a force in the youth climate movement.

On Friday we joined the mass student walkout spearheaded by Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg and timed to coincide with the European Union parliamentary elections. An estimated 1.8 million people in 125 countries took part in the global climate strike.

In the few days since, the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Extinction Rebellion Youth, the largest chapter in the country, endorsed MPP. Along with Greta and Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion has led an unwavering campaign of school strikes, protests, sit ins, road closures, and direct action across Europe for the past three months. Their activism forced the U.K. to declare a National Climate Emergency and boosted Green Parties in Europe to their best showing ever in the E.U. elections. Now we’re working with XR to take the streets in America.

We were also thrilled to be endorsed by John de Graaf, the top American scholar whose books and dozens of documentaries have shifted the national paradigm on consumption, sustainability, alternatives to GDP, and work life balance. In 2001, de Graaf’s Affluenza became one of the most influential environmental books ever written. Bill McKibben of called it “the American Classic that raised our crisis of consumption to national awareness.”

Like a volcano on the verge of eruption, earth and sky are shaking with the rumble of global revolution. From Europe to Latin America, voters are throwing ruling parties out and sweeping new parties in. Help us join the Youth Climate Summit this July and share our movement with the young people who want a future and a major new party.

America’s fossil fuel-funded parties have known about the climate crisis for more than 40 years. For four decades they have disregarded science, doubled-down on polluting industry and sent greenhouse gases skyrocketing. The Republicans deny climate change while the Democrats feign support just long enough to get elected.

Neither party wants to give up its fossil fuel money and plush revolving door jobs on Wall Street to tackle climate change. They only want to grandstand against the other side of the aisle, emblazon their fundraising emails and mailers with condemnations of the GOP’s science illiteracy, and keep the donations pouring in from outraged and aggrieved voters — all while refusing to lift a finger in Congress.

That’s why House Democrats stripped the Green New Deal committee of the power to pass legislation and subpoena speakers. That’s why 99 percent of House Democrats voted for PayGo rules knowing that they make climate legislation impossible to pass. And that’s why Diane Feinstein told young climate activists to go home because there won’t be a Green New Deal.

U.N. climate scientists are telling us that we need political and economic system change and voters in Europe are listening. New parties won in countries across the continent this weekend. For the past five years, elections in Europe and Latin America have shown that voters are craving system change, and that only new parties have the credibility and excitement to mobilize millions to the ballot box for a real political revolution. These new parties are not electing a sparse smattering of legislators as progressives have done in the U.S. Democratic Party, they are replacing the old guard parties en masse. And that’s what we’re going to do in America.

Help us grow our movement with a generation that seeks radical transformation and a people’s party.

In solidarity,

Carol Ehrle
Political Director
Movement for a People’s Party