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Our vision is a coalition party that will deliver what regular people take for granted in so many other countries: single payer health care, free public college, money out of politics, an infrastructure jobs program, a $15 minimum wage, financial regulations, and more. 

We need actual representation in our government. A majority of people in the US don’t feel represented by either the Democratic or Republican parties. We’ve watched these parties turn their backs on us to answer every call of the billionaires and donors. Overwhelming numbers of Americans understand these parties cannot be salvaged. Polls show that almost two out of three Americans are now calling for a major new party.  It’s time to build the party we’re looking for — one that brings us all together.

What we stand for:
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Why we do it

Wealthy donors and big corporations have two major parties. The people have none.

How we do it

Together we’re building a coalition of working people, unions, and progressive groups for a nationally viable people’s party.

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Chris Hedges interviews Nick Braña

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Would the American people be better served by a Movement for a People’s Party?

Nick Braña, founder, executive director of Movement for a People’s Party talks with journalist Chris Hedges about the US’ two political party system and the need for third and fourth parties.

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Your donations help us build the coalitions we need. With your help, we can do the work, travel where needed, and spread the word about the party that works for us.

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Oct 16

St Augustine, FL

Eastern conference workplace democracy


Oct 18 – 20

Baltimore, MD

Election Security & Rigging Forum w/Tim Canova


Dec 5

Hollywood, FL

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09 Sep: #ShutDownDC Sept 23

On September 23 the Movement for a People’s Party will Shut Down Washington D.C. with creative nonviolent civil disobedience during the youth Global Climate Strike to demand transformative action on the climate crisis.

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